Supply Chain automation and Business Intelligence tools

VEN is a record and data stream management platform built on a unique enterprise peer-to-peer network architecture.


Unified Distributed Architecture

Distributed cloud and fog computation

AllBlock’s long-term goal is to initiate the open-source development of an architecture capable of supporting fully decentralized and distributed cloud and fog computation. No central servers. No trusted parties. Computational resources are offered on the network by peers, other peers contract to use those computational resources, work is done, and money changes hands safely and seamlessly. Data can be stored securely with 100% availability and searched like an advanced database. Web services can be made fully autonomous. And in the coming world of IoT-enabled devices in every building and on every corner, a pedestrian walking by can augment her smartphone with the power of the whole network, effectively making it a mobile supercomputer.

Franz Wollang

Research and Production

Project Architect and Head of Research and Development. Also responsible for Onboarding and Product Development.

Shreyansh Surana

Business Development

Acting Managing Director, in-charge of business development, sales and marketing and public outreach.