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Autonomous Cloud for an IoT World

Welcome to the AllBlock project: the Unified Distributed Architecture (UDA) layer, the AllBlock distributed ledger, and the AllCoin.

The AllBlock project is an open-source initiative to develop a generalized host layer capable of supporting fully distributed and byzantine-tolerant communication, data storage, and computation —with an economic incentive for participation via an integrated cryptocurrency.

Mobile Supercomputer

Imagine a personalized virtual PC that persists in the cloud, safely holding your documents and other data and allowing you to access them from anywhere. But unlike the traditional cloud, you won’t have to place your trust in any company or other institution; code never lies.

Harness the power of the cloud and edge devices around you to play graphically intensive games or enter augmented reality with only a low-powered phone or tablet interface. You’ll have more cheap computational resources at your fingertips than you could ever use.

Autonomous Virtual Agents

Recent advances in cryptography allow for computation to be done on encrypted data without decrypting it first. The implications are astounding: ‘virtual agents’ (essentially distributed programs) will be able to run on the UDA layer completely autonomously as long as there’s enough money in the accounts associated with them.

Autonomy means a virtual agent could run a consortium blockchain (always orders of magnitude simpler and faster than public blockchains) without the consortium. Autonomy means a virtual agent could be placed in charge of mission critical systems, like traffic control, free of the single largest intrusion vector: user error.

Sure, current implementations of homomorphic encryption are a bit slow, but that’s never stopped you.

Swarm Intelligence

A suitably designed virtual agent could facilitate the self-coordination of driverless cars, allowing them to share local data and collectively compute near-optimal solutions for large-scale pathing and traffic flow.

Similarly, a virtual agent might one day power the medical nanobot swarm acting as your artificial immune system, allowing them to collectively adapt to changing conditions and sustain moderate levels of attrition without loss of functionality.

What is biome computing?

Computing is moving to ‘cloud’ (remote network) and ‘fog’ (edge device) architectures. In the process, it’s becoming more and more distributed, less reliant on central points of failure, and increasingly flexible, powerful, and convenient for end users. Many of the new protocols and algorithms making this possible are inspired by natural processes and behaviors —electric flow, immune systems, swarm and flock behaviors, neural activity.

This suggests an evocative conceptual analogy: many physical agents, from servers to PCs to IoT edge devices, who don’t necessarily trust one another interacting through distributed, modular, often organic-like means to form an ecosystem of virtual agents that populate the fog and clouds above.

Biome computing —the future.

VERIFYED- the degree verification system

Verifying a degree can frustrating. Universities are slow and often companies and individuals have to rely on an expensive third-party service.
We want to change that. With Verifyed, users and companies can verify it themselves – free, safe, and fast!

Step 1 - Worldwide Network

Universities add a special QR code to their degrees. They then share “fingerprints” of degree data with each other, allowing for worldwide instant response times, but always keep all personal information secure on their own servers.

Step 2 - Quick and Free Verification.

Anyone use the QR code on a degree to verify it for free. Simply download the Verifyed app to your smart device or upload a picture of the QR code to the Verifyed website.

Step 3 - Save money and time

Universities save the cost of hundreds of hours of office work, companies and individuals save on service fees, and everyone saves a huge amount of time.

Interested? We’ll contact you.

Transparent And Incorruptible

Transparent and Incorruptible

“Blockchain solves the problem of manipulation. When I speak about it in the West, people say they trust Google, Facebook, or their banks. But the rest of the world doesn’t trust organizations and corporations that much — I mean Africa, India, the Eastern Europe, or Russia. It’s not about the places where people are really rich. Blockchain’s opportunities are the highest in the countries that haven’t reached that level yet.”

– Vitalik Buterin, inventor of Ethereum

The Team Behind AllBlock
Franz-Josef Wollang


Franz has expertise in blockchain and is co-authoring the white paper on the technology behind the UDA layer.

Shreyansh Surana


Shreyansh previously founded and sold two startups in India –Surlabs (an ERP software company) and Alt Energy (a solar rooftop and microgrid design company). He is experienced in business development and product design.

Georg v. Bonin


Georg is a certified legal wizard whose bailiwick encompasses corporate communication, contract law, and (increasingly) BaFin regulations.

Max Bromberg


Max is a skilled research analyst and project manager, using Agile methodologies to make sure our software development is as efficient as possible.

Developer ? Artist ? Investor ?

- We need you!

Are you an investor who’s a trend-setter, an early adopter? Do you want to be at the forefront of groundbreaking change?

Are you a developer with experience or interest in concurrent programming, distributed system design, microkernel construction, or ad hoc networking? Inspired to contribute to the open-source initiative and help make our vision a reality?

Are you creative with an eye for detail? Do you want to blur the line between high technology and artful design, inspiring a generation? Do you want to help make the project accessible to the common user?

Are you just interested or want to work with us in another way?


Peterssteinweg 14,
04107 Leipzig


+49 163 – 94 35 983

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